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Our AI analyzes customers data to deliver deep engagement.

Sell with an unparalleled level of precision.

Sell based on loyalty.

Use your existing data to grow customers loyalty.

Transform clients into advocates.

Anticipate your customers need.

Don’t sell. 

Become a source of trust and advice.

Know enough about each customer to suggest the ideal product.

Establish meaningful long lasting relationships.

Empower your customers.

Share tools to help them make the best possible choices.

Our AI shares a top 5 best products list, along with pros & cons for each product.

 Customers can make informed, documented choices.

It starts with Data.

You existing data is a powerful, often underexploited, source of knowledge.

Our AI uses it to create unique profiles for each customer turning each individual into a segment of one.

  Our multidimensional customer profiles means more precise purchase behavior predictions.

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What we do

Product Recommenders

We use the most advanced AI to create the most accurate product recommendations.

Recommenders the familiar ‘People also bought’ are responsible for over 30% of Amazon revenue.

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The best AI is nothing without data. Successful retailers will be those who started accumulating quality data early.

While working on our recommenders we soon realized stores were data black holes. To remedy the situation we developed an AI solution to capture customers data in store.

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SeeYou.ai strenght comes from research. We sometime take on specific projects where our team works closely with our client to develop specific data science approaches.

We turns cutting edge research into solutions.

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Success Stories

Our client wanted to understand in-store customer product interaction

In-store Profiling
Product launches are critical. Our client wanted to capture in-store customer reactions to their latest skincare treatment. Turn their store into a true data capture powerhouse.

That project led us to develop reACTION a tablet app that anonymously capture customers’ in-store engagement. In addition reACTION anonymously capture customers’ profiles. Our client was able to better target their online ad spent. Save money through accurate targetting. 


Our client wanted to identify missed sales opportunities.

Supply Chain Optimization

One of the most famous luxury brand in the world wanted to understand where and when missed sales opportunities occured due to stock shortage.

Our research established the presence of weak signals that translated into specific shaped curves.

We were able to identify multi-millions euros of missed opportunities and help address the supply chain issues.

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Turn one time buyer into a repeat customer

Listen, learn, offer advices.

Reinforced learning is a machine learning technique where the system gets smarter with each new interaction. It learns by addressing its mistake. That means giving more and more accurate suggestions to your customers.

It also means building a unique set of data that will uniquely differentiate your brand.

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Bring customers in stores.

Bring the stores to your customers or customers to the store. Or both.

The more you know about your customers the more relevant your advices. Our AI account for the smallest dimension by creating ultra personalized profiles.

Get to really know your customers.

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Success Stories

Our client wanted to capture client data in store

Our client wanted a fun and entertaining way to capture client phone numbers.  

That project led us to develop SMILE an app asking customers to smile to get a discount. The bigger the smile, the bigger the discount.

That was an instant success. We also used that app in trade shows, capturing hundreds of smiling customers per day. 

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Highly personalized skincare product recommendations 


Our client wanted to highly personalize skincare product recommendations, make it as individual as possible.

We captured millions of data ranging from face characteristics to customers reviews as our initial dataset. After training and fine tuning our system we are able to recommend products based on hundreds of characteristics making each recommendation almost unique.

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Predictive Loyalty

Turn cutting edge science into customer loyalty.

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