Data Capture : In Store Profiling: ReACTION

In-store customer profiling 

Stores: A key asset to capture customer data. 

More than ever, know your customers.

Your stores are data rich.


ReACTION is a mobile app to capture data in stores.


Captures anonymous

  • Gender / Age / Ethnicity


  • Engagement


  • Unique vs. Repeat visits

ReACTION is engineered to capture anonymous critical, actionable in-store information from customers.

ReACTION detects client presence, records engagement duration and provides anonymous 

gender, age range, ethnicity data.

Data based product decision

Brands who know their customers make better decisions, save advertising money and communicate more effectively with their customers.

ReACTION record client reactions during product engagement like happiness, surprise, etc .

Expressions are high value data to evaluate product appreciation.


Empower your store

Product Launch

Capture customers reactions to your product

Product launches are full of uncertainty. ReACTION capture critical customers’ in-store reactions to your product.

  • HAPPINESS Levels


  • Engagement duration


  • Gender,  Age range
Empower your store

Better targeting for better results

Suggest the right product to the right customer. recommender systems use in-store data to best predict what each customer will like best. 

ReACTION  feeds recommender systems with highly valuable data to develop Predictive Loyalty.

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 How many people walk in?

ReACTION tracks walk-by and walk-in.

And yes, we also keep track of the weather to ponder the results.

Get accurate data for

  • Street passer by
  • Store entries
  • Age & Gender
Empower your store


245% Customer Capture increase

L’OREAL NYX brand increased customer capture by 245% 

More than 800 customer info added in CRM in one day.

Empower your store

Collect in-store data in 3 steps

1. We work with you to build an interactive in-store digital application with our proprietary software in few hours.

2.Install interactive tablets next to your products.

3. Our AI analyses real-time consumer data to understand who they are and make real-time recommendations.


Your stores are data rich.

Get the full potential from your stores.

Empower your store

AI driven Solutions.