Data Capture

Know your Customers

The store as a key asset to capture customer data.

Capture client information

 SMILE runs on interactive screens in stores.

Clients are asked to smile.

The bigger the smile

The bigger the reward.

Deceptively simple.

Incredibly effective.

90% Capture Rate.


Know who walks in.


Use Face Recognition to find who is back.

Using AI, SMILE creates a unique client FaceID.

Anonymous FaceID are used for In Store Analytics.

More on FaceID

To redeem, client are prompted for their mobile number.

They will receive an eWallet Pass.


Stay Connected

Customers receive an eWallet Pass.

Passes are stored in Customers’ Phones.

Always accessible.

eWallet Marketing


245% Customer Capture increase

L’OREAL NYX brand increased customer capture by 245% 

More than 800 customer info added in CRM in one day.


Nine West

64% increase in Store digital Sales

 Empowers store associates with Clienteling App


A Better Store Experience.

AI Clienteling.

Empower Sales Associates.

AI Clienteling: 

Suggest optimal conversation topics.

Analyze buying pattern to suggest optimal timing.

I am curious.

Our Clients

SeeYou soon…ai

AI driven Solutions.

Rapid integrations.

Build to evolve.