Data Capture: in-store profiling

Intelligent in-store

customer profiling.

Better Targeting for Better Results

Brands who collect in-store data about customers looking at their products are able better target prospective customers at a local level, focusing advertising dollars where they count.

Real Time Product Recommendations

Brands who interact with each customer in-store are able to create personalized offers in real-time.

Data Based Product Decisions

Brands who know their customers make better decisions and enhance their product teams by using data to A/B test packaging, messaging and products in the real (physical) world.

Are you collecting enough in-store data?

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We deliver a benchmark of the data you collect and the data you should be collecting in store.

Collect In-Store Data in 3 steps.

1. We work with you to build an interactive in-store digital application with our proprietary software in few hours.

2.Install interactive tablets next to your products.

3. AI analyses real-time consumer data to understand who they are and make real-time recommendations.

In-Store analytics: The missing data.  

Learn how in-store analytics helped reduce ad spent and increase social media targeting.

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